This erotic delight has been designed to enhance the sensuous creativity of lovers.
Get in touch with your artistic side! Enjoy four fruity EDIBLE flavors: Chew Chew
Cherry, Scrumtiuous Strawberry, Gooey Blueberry, Awesome Apple.

Manufacturer : PD920001
Product ID: Pipe Dreams

Retails For $12.99
Our Price $8.99
Kit includes black light, incense, warming lotion, Spanish fly and of course body

Manufacturer : Pipe Dreams
Product ID: pd915200

Retails For $18.75
Our Price $12.50
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Turn your lovemaking into an artistic expression. Let your fingers trace the contours of your
lover's body with four erotic colors and flavors. Experience the creative sensuality of Fantasy
Body Paint. Enjoy FREE Liquid Love and Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping samples.

Manufacturer : Pipe Dreams
Product ID: PD920301

Retails For $13.75
Our Price $8.99
Wouldn't you love to lick your lover all over? Slowly licking and teasing them into a frenzied passion. Then having
them return the favor to you? Well, now your fantasy comes true with an added delight...the taste and fragrance of
luscious chocolate! Just take some of this body topping on your finger and draw on your lovers body... Now slowly,
delectably lick it off! Just wait and see what pleasures await you as you and your partner lick your way to ecstasy!

Manufacturer : Pipe Dreams
Product ID: PD920401

Retails For $12.95
Our Price $7.75