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74 full color photos on the art of foreplay.
You have always wanted to try new things and here is your chance.
This book is the ultimate guide to foreplay.
Your sex life will never be boring again.

Manufacturer : Swedish Erotica
Product ID: se500400

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Thought it was impossible?
Not with our revolutionary bestselling new book.
Read this comprehensive guide with easy instructions and 46 full-color photos!
Get thicker, longer, and more endurance!
Increase your and her satisfaction.

Manufacturer : Swedish Erotica
Product ID: se500500

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Book Relationships - TANTRIC SEX BOOK
Written by Kay Parker, a legend in the world of erotic movies. A long time student of Yoga Kay delights in
sharing the integration of Yoga and Tantric Philosophy into the art of lovemaking.   

Manufacturer : California Exotic Novelties
Product ID: SE500100

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Book Relationships - KAMA SUTRA BOOK
Kama Sutra Book - For the first time in 120 years, a refreshingly modern verison of Vatsyayana's
Kama Sutra. This 176-page book keeps the wisdom from centuries ago, but in the language of
today. Included in this Japanese silk bound edition, are 21 graphic, hand painted illustrations of the
original Kama Sutra love making positions.

Manufacturer : Kama Suitra
Product ID:  KS0044

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