Description: With the help of sex expert Dr. Ava Cadell, Juli Ashton shows how to experience new sexual
pleasures right at home. Three real life attractive couples move beyond the bedroom to discover a variety of
creative uses for otherwise common household items found in any home. Discover new highly erotic
opportunities in your kitchen, gym living room, laundry room and other spots in your house.
Includes new techniques for women and men.

• Cleaning up in the bathroom
• Sizzling in the kitchen
• Working it out in the gym
• Phone sex & more in the living room
• Adventure in the laundry room
• Sexual transformation in the closet

DVD Special Features:
• Tips from Dr. Patti Britton
• Multilingual: English, Spanish and French dialog
• Subtitles for the hearing impaired
• Extensive sexuality information
• Full length bonus scenes
• Links to important sites

System Requirements:
• Runnig Time 100 Min


Product ID: ALE96001

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Our Price $19.99
WHAT WOMEN WANT- DVD  Instructional
The Key to Women's Secret Desires: Sexually experienced women reveal what's attractive in a man and what
they really want in their sex lives. Attractive couples show how to fulfill women's most intimate desires. Discover
new lessons in romance while eliciting deeper emotion through proven sexual techniques. With Sunset
Thomas, Sharon Kane, Steve Hatcher, Chanel, Tina and Brenda.
60 min.

Product ID: ALE96005

Retails For $24.99
Our Price $19.99
WHAT MEN WANT - DVD  Instructional
The Key to Men's Secret Desires Men show and tell their sexual wishes in bed and beyond. Attractive couples
demonstrate techniques to enhance their sex lives: Giving and receiving oral sex, dominance and submission,
fantasy role playing, sex in the outdoors and other unusual places, and how to seduce and be seduced. With
Sunset Thomas, Sharon Kane, Steve Hatcher, Chanel, Tina and Brenda.  60 min.

Product ID: ALE96009

Retails For $24.99
Our Price $19.99
SEXUAL FITNESS - DVD  Instructional
A Workout for Lovers: See how to exercise the right muscles to develop flexibility and endurance for enhanced
intimacy and sexual pleasure. Learn which muscle groups to strengthen for specific sexual positions. Join 3
attractive couples as they demonstrate how you and your partner can exercise together in this easy to follow
erotic workout. With Sunset Thomas. 60 min.

Product ID: ALE96007

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Our Price $19.99
SEXUAL HEALING - DVD  Instructional
29 Sexual Positions for Better Health: Combining ancient Oriental healing practices with a new-age, holistic
approach to self-help, SEXUAL HEALING explores a variety of sexual techniques and positions known to be
helpful in confronting many common ailments. From backaches to weak bladders, chronic fatigue to
menopause, SEXUAL HEALING takes a loving, enlightened approach to helping you with what ails you.
Watch as our attractive couples demonstrate how sex can be both stimulating and therapeutic.
Discover a world of ancient health secrets. 55 min.

Product ID: ALE96014

Retails For $24.99
Our Price $19.99
SWINGING - DVD  Instructional
This timely & informative exploration into swinging will both enlighten & arouse you and your partner. Join Juli Ashton as she investigates all
aspects of this alternative lifestyle with real life couples & professionals. Follow Ronnie & Charlene through very erotic scenes as they
encounter the steps that lead to swinging. Juli, Rayveness & Todd help them along the way. With Juli Ashton, Rayveness and Charlene Aspen.
75 min.

Product ID: ALE96011

Retails For $24.99
Our Price $19.99
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